Bright Horizons show their ANZAC spirit

Australia has 80,000 personnel and active reservists and as of December last year over 2000 people were deployed in active service. Active service can be long, dangerous and life-threatening. It can also be lonely, boring and frustrating for people separated from their loved ones for so long. A care pack with goods from “home” goes a long way in boosting morale for those serving. Bright Horizons Childcare Centre is hoping to do something about that and these are some of the items you can contribute to help them achieve their aim.

Bright Horizons Childcare Centre has decided to do something a bit different for ANZAC Day 2018.

The centre is organising care packages to send to deployed defence force personnel in the Army, the RAN and the RAAF.

“We always do a fair bit with ANZAC Day – we read the children books and we get the families involved and I thought this year we’ll take it one step further,” said educational leader at Bright Horizons Kasey-Rae Hosie.

“I thought the care packages would be a lovely idea leading up to ANZAC,” she said. “I was scrolling Facebook one night and I saw a comment. I started researching them – there’s a veterans page and they were talking about how there’s free postage until the middle of April. I thought it was a great way to promote community involvement.”

Parents and the rest of the community can donate goods to go in the care packages. Items such as non-aerosol deodorant, shaving cream, soap, shower gel, non-perishable food items (like Tim-Tams) can all be sent to deployed personnel. Nutella has also been proven to go down well.

Donations can be brought to Bright Horizons Childcare Centre. The goods will be stored at the front office and when the items are compiled the children will be the ones doing the bulk of the work setting up the care packages.

All members of the community are welcome to make donations in the lead-up to ANZAC Day. Advice on what goods are appropriate can be sought from Bright Horizons or check with Australia Post.

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