Argus praised for reports

EDITOR: Please allow me to commend your reporting (Tuesday, July 25) of the Narrandera Tree Preservation Group’s bid to enthuse Shire to take firm action towards preservation of our town’s trees and Narrandera’s well known image as a ‘Town of Trees’ that has come from people outside Narrandera.

Also I would draw readers’ attention to the article on page 4 of the same issue re Narrandera’s trees and I quote ‘like the small country town of Narrandera, the City of Melbourne prides itself on its trees, parks and gardens. Melbourne plans to double its canopy cover from 22 per cent to 40 per cent by 2040, reducing the city’s summer temperature by four degrees.’

It is ironic that the wonderful canopy cover created by the foresight of our forebears with the planting of Narrandera’s streets and parks and gardens has benefited our community without our understanding its heat reducing potential or indeed appreciation.

It is hoped that our elected representatives will take appropriate action to turn around the apathy that exists re Narrandera’s heritage of trees and foster a new pride in what we have inherited. We have an edge so let’s grow it!

Gwen Nielsen

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