1400 unite in call for more police

Member for Cootamundra Katrina Hodgkinson discusses the potential of the newly opened Bidgee Boxing gym with Neville Bamblett.

Member for Cootamundra Katrina Hodgkinson was presented with a petition bearing 1170 signatures and calling for a greater police presence in Narrandera during her visit to the town on Friday.

The petition was presented by Vi Bobbin and Jenny Clarke who together with their families had worked tirelessly to gather signatures. According to Mrs Bobbin, there were a further two pages of signatures to be collected.

Mrs Clarke confirmed yesterday that an additional 200 signatures had been collected and there were more still to be brought in, bringing the total to nearly 1400. The new additions will be posted to Ms Hodgkinson’s office.

“With the size of the population, and when you take out the kids, it’s a pretty impressive result,” said Mrs Bobbin.

Ms Hodgkinson received the signatures at the Bidgee Boxing Gym, telling the presenters that they were a useful tool to take to a meeting with Mayor Neville Kschenka and Local Area Commander Michael Rowan later that morning.

“I’m deeply disturbed at the level of community concern in relation to crime and random acts of assault that have been reported from the township of Narrandera over the past several months,” Ms Hodgkinson said. “I am pleased to be meeting with Local Area Commander Michael Rowan. I will be raising with them the extraordinarily high level of community concern and the fact that I have been given 1170 signatures. I will be lodging these signatures at the first sitting of parliament.

“The community has got to feel safe.”

Ms Hodgkinson also spoke to a Narrandera resident who had been a recent victim of crime. After receiving the signatures, Ms Hodgkinson toured the Bidgee Boxing Community Gym, speaking to Chairman Neville Bamblett about the facility and what he hoped the gym could achieve.

“I think it’s just amazing,” she said of the gym.

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